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Elie Cossa, singer and instrumentalist, fell in love with music at a very early age. She was singing along to musical groups of many genres as a toddler that would influence her many years later. During her school years, Elie became a proficient floutist, sang in concert, church and gospel choirs, taught herself piano, and performed on stage in theater productions and operas. She also learned the art of handbell ringing. These various arts brought her onstage at the Publick Playhouse, PG Community College, Bowie State University, The Lisner, the Pageant of Peace, The Vice President’s home and the White House.

Elie became more deeply connected with jazz in college. She joined the big band and played alto sax and other woodwinds in it for four years, the only female in the group. Not too long after, she began a grand love affair with New Orleans and began studying the early “Trad” jazz there. She has studied vocals under Marymal Holmes, Banu Gibson, Leah Chase and a number of other jazz artists.

After college, she became nostalgic for handbell ringing and joined a group which she now co-directs, The Colonial English Handbell Ringers. They perform mostly during the Christmas holidays around the DC area, bringing lively costumed holiday music to all ages. Learn more about the group here:

You never know where you might find her – running an English handbell choir in the DC area, playing flute for a wedding, or sitting in to sing at Fritzel’s, Buffa’s or the Spotted Cat in New Orleans. But, either way, Elie is loving life, doing what makes her happy – performing the music that speaks to her.

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